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Breast Cancer

"I am a breast cancer survivor. If I survived, so can you!"
Dr. Leila Soudah


From the point of view of a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Leila Soudah, supports the advocacy of breast cancer awareness programs. She gives information and educational awareness not only to her patients but to all women, as she is often invited as a guest speaker. She gives knowledge on what signs and symptoms to look out for, as early detection and treatment is the key for high survival rates.

Based on medical statistics, 20 % of breast cancer is cause by genetic and 80% is due to environmental factors.

Environmental factors are specified as lifestyle-related factors. These factors are not cancer- causing agents but the risk of exposure and bad behavioral habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, diet imbalance, obesity, stress and lack of physical exercise; can increase the risk of cancer. Other factors include radiation, occupational hazards and outdoor air pollution.

Upon knowing the clinical data and the factors contributing to cancer, DLS clinic aims to reduce the anxiety and fear of patients through accurate information on how to live a lifestyle away from acquiring the risk.

In functional and regenerative medicine, in which Dr. Leila Soudah is board certified in, she prepares a panel of laboratory investigations to detect and determine the risk of having breast cancer, and even the possibility of recurrence.

Laboratory investigation can save lives and can help you fight the disease.

The following laboratory investigations include:

  • BRCA1 (Breast Cancer Type 1)
  • BRCA2 (Breast Cancer Type 2)
  • Estrogen Metabolism

Aside from the blood tests, Dr. Leila Soudah encourages all patients to get a breast sonogram and mammogram as early as the age of 40. The clinic can give you a referral form.

Additionally, we offer the weight loss program to help you reduce fat as much as possible in your body. As we all know, breast cancer can be related to the presence of high bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Dr. Leila Soudah and her team will give you a helping hand to cope with the emotional stress and physiological effects of breast cancer. We assure you that you will not be alone in this journey.