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Come To DLS Clinic For Advanced Labia Reconstruction Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries have gained immense popularity in the last few years. Over the years, several unique surgeries have been introduced, and on top of the list is labia reconstruction surgery. It is a surgical procedure that is meant to help women achieve the desired size and shape of their intimate area.

There are different techniques available for rejuvenation purposes when women start facing functional problems or wish to achieve cosmetic results. It is natural for the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s intimate organs, known as the labia minora and labia majora, to undergo several changes after childbirth. A labiaplasty female surgeon performs this surgery on women who wish to enhance the appearance of their labia. The cure to all labia-related issues lies in this short, effective, and safe treatment. If you wish to enhance the appearance of your labia, then allow us to welcome you to DLS Clinic where Dr. Leila Soudah, herself, is highly skilled and experienced in these procedures:


    A. FEMALE PELVIC TIGHTENING is a surgical procedure that gives added strength and control to your vaginal muscles after giving birth. It enhances vaginal sensitivity and sexual satisfaction. It helps to prevent vaginal asymmetry and scarring as part of the aging process.

    B. INTIMATE AREA AUGMENTATION: As women grow older, there is an unceasing loss of fat from the vulva area. The quality of skin also changes. These changes and dissimilarities vary from person to person, and overtime are normal and expected.

    Labia Majora augmentation takes place in the intimate area, the skin areas on both sides. The procedure improves the "deflation" that time has caused on the area.

    After the procedure, patients will feel confident and comfortable in their appearance just like all kinds of cosmetic procedure.

    Here in Dr. Leila Soudah clinic, high density hyaluronic acid injection is used to achieve the desired results.

    With high density hyaluronic acid, the results of the procedure can last for 6-8 months on an average (results may vary). This procedure is shorter and simpler, since hyaluronic acid can be applied immediately without any prior preparations. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes.

    Augmentation can also be done conjoining with other cosmetic synecologic surgery such as labia majora reduction (majoraplasty), labia minora reduction (labiaplasty), pelvic rejuvenation (tightening) or G-Spot augmentation.

    C. LABIA MAJORA AND MINORA REDUCTION aims to lessen the excess skin of labia majora or labia minora (small lips) by removing the excess fat and tighten or lift relaxed skin present there. This is to improve the genital appearance. Aside from the aesthetic effects, reduction of labia majora and minora lessens the discomfort of wearing tight-fitting clothes resulting also to enhanced self-confidence of a woman.

Beautify Your Sensual Organs With Labia Reconstruction Surgery

Cosmetic gynecology is a very sensitive topic. At DLS Clinic, we understand and ensure complete respect for your inhibitions. Dr. Leila and her staff is guaranteed to help to the best of their ability with complete discretion.

What makes our ISO 9001:2015 certified clinic stand out amongst the rest is the fact that we perform all the different cosmetic gynecology procedures, including labiaplasty, using the latest techniques and the most innovative equipment. With the help of Dr. Leila and her staff, women can look and feel confident in themselves and appearance.

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